Full Managed JQuery Slider
You can have as many featured contents as you want. You can setup a criteria for your featured post and leave them being loaded automatically. You can configure the item list manually. You can have each featured item its individual options. You can change order of items or even criterias. You can change slider behavior like if autoplay, pause time, default buttons’ text. All can be done thru Faith’s powerful featured content manager, no a finger on codes.

All-around Comments Module
You will have up to 10 levels nested comments. You will have comments pagination. You can have your comments numbered.

Breadcrumbs Navigation
Faith give you the ability to create a full customizable navigation menu, you can mix category, page or external link to your site navigation, you can have your menu text different to the category name or page name, you can have as many levels sub-menu as possible

Unique Custom Widgets
We equip Faith with 6 our custom widgets, all well styled to meet the design. Page widget allows you to load the content of a specified page. Advertise widget allows an unlimited advertise number and size is under your control. You can have widgets’ thumbnail a different size by choose your preferred format among 8 available thumbnail formats, icon, stardard screen  (4:3), wide screen (16:10), theatrical film (1.85:1)  and other four. You can configure latest news widget to pull posts only from a specified category. And Flickr widget, Twitter widget, much more.

Full Widgetized Homepage
Faith has 3 vertical widgetized area on the homepage, each allows for an unlimit widget number for you to easily build your unique homepage.

WYSWYG Logo&Favicon
You don’t have to upload your logo first then copy, paste the logo url to the option textbox as you did in other themes. Ezior is powered by ajax technology, you can just upload your logo file on Ezior options page and save. You can see your logo preview immediately when you uploaded the logo file.


$59 USD

Includes all awesome features listed under this theme, unlimit professional support for lifetime, and updates.