It’s a long story that WordPress auto formatting being probably the most controversial feature of this awesome platform. The silent and compelling html code change behavior is apparently not a piece of delicous cake for experienced users and sites with complex pages, especially when WordPress is much more a blog publishing platform today. Anotherside, for people do not know html codes and simply use WordPress as blog, this feature does bring them a lot of convenience.

What We Do Before If We Do Not Like “WP Auto Formatting”

By doing a Google search regarding this feature, we already got a lot to teach you how to disable this “auto formatting”, we can stop it by install a plugin or simply add two lines code to wp theme. Not bad, but is that all we want? Is there not a way for us to prevent auto-formatting messing our complex pages while still make use of it for our blog posts? That’d be perfect, right? And most important is, it is possible.

Don’t Touch My Code

This is a feature we added to our latest wordpress theme Creations which allows you to disable “WP Auto Formatting” on a specific post/page simply by turn on the “Don’t Touch My Code” option of that post/page. You are able to make “WP Auto Formatting” work or not work on your posts/pages as you like now, and do not need to worry about WordPress mess up your well written and tidy html codes any more.