Smart and Automatic Content Split
Whether or not you ever experienced the issue like your blog sidebar get displayed under posts while using the “More tag” to split your post manually. It is no longer a problem with our autosplit feature, there will be no display issue with the intelligent feature, and you will be free from the work of manually content split or excerpt creation.

Wanted Comments Features 
You will have up to 10 levels nested comments. You will have comments pagination. You can have your comments numbered.

Full Customizable Navigation
Castle give you the ability to create a full customizable navigation menu, you can mix category, page or external link to your site navigation, it is possible to have menu text different to the category name or page name.

Unique Custom Widgets
3 custom widgets for you to use, you can have twitter, flickr and unlimited advertises on the sidebar, all well styled to meet the deisgn.

Configurable Thumbnail Position
You can configure the thumbnail to be displayed full-width above your post or right to your post, you can control this on every individual post thus it is possible to have a large thumbnail above the top post and others with a smaller one at the right.

Breadcrumbs Post/Page Path
You can configure in our theme backend to display a breadcrumbs navigation above the post/page title, which is useful for readers know where he is and navigate back and forth.

WYSWYG Logo&Favicon
You don’t have to upload your logo first then copy, paste the logo url to the option textbox as you did in other themes. Ezior is powered by ajax technology, you can just upload your logo file on Ezior options page and save. You can see your logo preview immediately when you uploaded the logo file.

Extended Profile Page
User information on the profile page are extended with a couple of social contact methods, you can place your twitter home, facebook address, linkedin address, yahoo homepage, flickr home and more other social contact methods bottom of your site by simply entering these links and save.

9 available styles
Total 9 beautiful preset styles to meet your color requirements, you are able to change your site color from time to time to keep fresh.