Featured Panel

  • Unlimited featured post number
  • Support any post type, you can add post, page, image, portfolio or any other custom post type created yourself to this featured panel
  • Easy order by drag and drop
  • Batch add featured posts in one click, or remove
  • Custom Featured Rules, you can set up custom rules to define featured posts on your site, you can create rules for exclude posts you specified, you can create as many featured rule as possible, you can change change position of featured posts match a rule by drag and drop to change this rule’s order
  • Tons of options, you can decide if autoplay, if autoload, autoplay duration, interval, button number, in and out animation of each featured post, animation effect, animation direction, much more

Bulid-in Post Type (Portfolio)

  • Manage portfolio posts separately
  • A dedicated category system, separate from blog categories
  • 3 portfolio templates,
  • Upgraded Prettyphoto lightbox
  • Support video associate

Build-in Testimonials Manager

  • jQuery powered transiation
  • Unlimit testimonial numbers
  • Place everywhere
  • Full functionality backend
  • Support additional fields – author avatar, author info, author website
  • Easy order by drag and drop

Full Widgetized Home Page

  • 3 full widgetized horizontal areas
  • Unlimit widgets number

Tons of Shortcodes

If you don’t know what shortcode is, shortcode is a lightweight markup used to format content introduced since WordPress 2.5, for example, with shortcode, you can create a button on your page by simply type something like ““

We included a lot of shortcodes to our themes, by using column shortcodes, you can easily divide your content to two, three, four or even more columns; by using tab shorcodes, you can insert a tabgroup into your post; by using toggle content shortcode, you can enable a click toggle behavior on your content. Much much more, over 40 shortcodes for you to use, check out our demo site to see how they look and work.

Custom Navigation Menus

  • Support pages, categories, portfolio categories, custom link
  • Unlimited menu level
  • Individual settings for header and footer menus
  • Easy manage by drag and drop

Unlimited Sidebar

  • 1-to-N relationship, you can create a sidebar for multiple posts/pages
  • Any posts or pages, you can assign a sidebar to any post, page or custom post type created by yourself
  • Unlimited sidebar numbers
  • Bulid-in sidebar manager
  • Support sidebar description

11 Preset Widget Areas

  • Preset sidebars for each index page
  • Sidebar fallback mechanism

7 Custom Widgets

  • Creations –  Recent Commens
  • Creations – Recent Posts
  • Creations – Recent Portfolio Posts
  • Creations – Twitter Updates
  • Creations – Flickr Photos
  • Creations – Advertises
  • Creations – Single Post (any type)

Don’t Touch My Code

WordPress Auto Formatting is a useful feature for blogger, but sometimes it could be a headache when you have a rich content page to set up and want to keep the look and feel exactly the way you want it be. We believe it can be better, just need a little control.

“Don’t Touch My Code”, this is a post/page level option we added to our theme framework. With this feature, you are now able to

  • Disable ‘Auto Formatting’ on posts/pages you specified.
  • Keep this ‘Auto Formatting’ working your other posts/pages.

WYSWYG Logo&Favicon

You don’t have to upload your logo first then copy, paste the logo url to the option textbox as you did in other themes. Ezior is powered by ajax technology, you can just upload your logo file on Ezior options page and save. You can see your logo preview immediately when you uploaded the logo file.

Threaded Comments

  • Up to 10 levels nested comments.
  • Comments area pagination.
  • Comments indexed.

Ajax Contact Form

  • Ajax contact mail sending
  • Build in email body editor, support email template
  • Works on javascript disabled client